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Thyroid Guide: A Toolkit To Teach You How To Manage Your Thyroid Condition With Confidence

Thyroid Guide: A Toolkit To Teach You How To Manage Your Thyroid Condition With Confidence

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The Thyroid Guide is Here!

Are you tired of being tired? Sick of being cold one minute, then on fire the next? Do you want to have an easy to follow format that explains all of the things that you’ve scoured the internet for?

Welcome. I understand what you’ve been going through.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how I have figured out all of this information and the most popular question is “Why Haven’t You Pulled All of Your Hair Out?” or “How Do You Have So Much Energy”?

Well, partially because a lot of it fell out on its own and also because it took a lot of trial and error. I’ve decided to pull everything together and package it. I have created a thyroid guide that is now available to you all!

So here is what’s included in this guide:

* It walks you through several key concepts that have consistently been recommended to me by my care team over 10 years.

* It is broken down into four parts to help you review the information in bite sized pieces

Ebony…get to the point, what do I get?!

* This 50 page guide is action packed great information on how to demystify the process of how to manage your thyroid disease after diagnosis.

* A grocery list and links to coupon sites…because who doesn’t LOVE a good deal???

* A sample food template with smoothie suggestions (because smoothies are delicious).

* Pinterest is involved (get excited, it’s good).

* Plus much more!

I’m so excited to be able to share this with you!

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