About the Owner

Growing up, I didn’t know anything about how to take care of my skin. I didn’t know why it was important to pay attention to your skin until I was 16 years old. I was at track practice and I remember noticing a rash on my leg. Shortly after, my body was consumed by a rash all over my body…pityriasis rosea. I had no idea what to do and that was my first experience with recognizing the importance of my health, specifically, my skin health. 

The constant stress continued through college as I started experiencing fatigue, fainting spells, joint pain, light sensitivity, my hair was falling out in clumps, and I couldn’t remember anything. I was failing tests lefts and right. No matter how much I studied, nothing was working. Many of my professors and friends assumed that I simply couldn’t handle the load of science classes or that I was simply trying to avoid them. I became incredibly depressed, isolated, and frustrated. I went to doctor after doctor and I couldn’t understand what was happening. More skin issues developed and I learned that I had eczema.

Finally, I had a breakthrough…I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease, an autoimmune disease that affects your thyroid gland. I spent years trying to work on learning more about my condition and what to do from a full-body approach. Spoiler alert: I became burned out very quickly trying to figure it all out.

One day I walked into a health food store when I lived in New York City and I couldn’t help but smell the sweet aroma of lavender and lemon being diffused. I couldn’t help but stand at the diffuser and take in the experience.

I wanted more of this. I started learning about essential oils, herbal oils, and butters. I started formulating my own products to soothe my skin. I was tired of rashes, constant irritation, and itchiness. Shortly after, I realized I wanted to do more to take charge of my health.

Ebony holding oils

I became a personal trainer, holistic nutritionist, and aromatherapist because I needed a change. I couldn’t continue to live my life being embarrassed about my health. I took things one step at a time. I started walking more, learning about food and why it’s important to use nontoxic products. 

When I stopped using chemical-laden products, I slowly started to notice improvements in my skin…no more rashes, no more burning, and my skin started glowing. Not only did I notice improvements in my skin, but I slowly felt the brain fog lift, the fatigue became a distant memory and my body became stronger.

I realized that if I could achieve these results for myself, I wanted to be able to help others learn and grow. I wanted to introduce others to this amazing world of good health through healthy living and plant-based ingredients. However, I know that it can be really challenging to be able to take the time to figure this all out, especially with our busy lifestyles. As I’ve spoken with many people, specifically women over time, I realized how many of us are overworked, burned out, and just tired. I also noticed how many of them were also developing autoimmune diseases and something felt wrong about all of this.

This is where Soula Beauty Co. started. It is meant to create a nurturing and collective experience (this is where the co. comes from). Also, I wanted to be able to bring luxury and nurturing experiences to my friends at home because we can't always go on a vacation or take a spa day. It’s important to me that we take care of each other and I have learned that when we come together, beautiful things happen.