10 Ways to Help Your Skin that Aren't Product Related

10 Ways to Help Your Skin that Aren't Product Related

Everyone wants to have that “youthful glow”, but we can sometimes think that it only comes from products….

However, it’s deeper than that. The reality is that we are going to age, but it’s about aging gracefully and well. 

Here are 10 ways to help your skin and overall well being:


1. Be a Help, Not an Obstacle: Our bodies are incredible! We have several ways to rid our bodies of toxins and waste. Don’t be fooled by detox drinks and teas. We want sustainable energy and strength. Think about your day to day….could you increase your water intake or use glass containers instead of plastic? Take an inventory of what you are putting in your body.

2. Food: Eating healthy and safe food every day will help your body to obtain the nutrients it needs and to eliminate. Fiber rich foods, fruits and vegetables are key. Please check in with a physician if you have a therapeutic need for a certain food plan (if you have a certain condition, you want to check before you try a certain diet).  Limit your sodium intake as much as possible and think about your caffeine intake.

3. Sleep: Our body regenerates while we sleep. Think about your routine prior to sleep. Are you creating a good sleep environment? Think about reducing your electronics prior to sleep.

4. Exercise: Exercise is our best friend. No, you don’t have to do crazy workouts. Simply going for a walk or engaging in stretching/yoga also increases our strength. 

5. Relax: Stress does more than we think...many of us hold our stress in our bodies. Relax your jaw...drop your shoulders and BREATHE. 

6. Be Positive: Let’s practice those affirmations. 

    • I am strong
    • I am incredible
    • I am healthy
    • I am well
    • I am whole
7. Get to the Doctor: Our body needs our attention and care so it can work well every day. Do not ignore that pain, mole, scratch, rash or scar. 


8. Community is Key: Be mindful if you have a tendency to self isolate. Surround yourself with people who love and support you, regardless of the season you’re in. 


9. Let Go of the Things that Don’t Serve You: You know what this means….people pleasing, saying yes to things that you know you shouldn’t be doing….I’ll stop there.


10. A Deeper Dive into Where We Are: Only you will know what this means. What areas of your life do you need to examine further? Write down the things that are going on in your life. What areas can you make small changes? 

Which tip was your favorite?
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