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Bear Hug Candle

Bear Hug Candle

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Candle Scents

The beauty of blending…the fragrances balance beautifully in these candles.

This candle highlights the beautiful and playful aspects of nature...from enjoying the glow of the moon to allowing your imagination to run wild with the thoughts of what you might find in the woods...

This candle is meant to give you an experience of bringing joy and warmth to your heart.

Candle Scent Highlights:

Mahogany Shea, Cypress and Bayberry...think about playing joyfully in the woods...


Burn Info and Location Logistics:

  • Every candle burns for 40+ hours.
  • This candle is best suited for a small to medium space (no larger than 700-800 square feet or a room)

Volume and Dimensions of Container:

  • Weight: 12 oz | 340 g
  • Container Size:  3.75" w x 4.1" h

Directions and Candle Care:

  • When you initially burn your candle, allow it to burn for 2-3 hours to develop a full melt pool. This will prevent what is called “tunneling”.
  • Light the wick of the candle and allow  to burn for no longer than four hours at a time.
  • Take care of your candle by trimming the wick to 1/4 of an inch before use and be careful to keep wick particles out of your wax.

Safety Notes:

Always exercise caution when using candles. Keep away from drafts, edges (tables, nightstands, etc), children and pets. Be sure to put the candle on a heat resistant surface. Do not touch the flame or hot wax. Allow wax to harden prior to relighting the candle.


Soy Wax and 100% Phthalate Free (Toxin Free) Fragrance Oils

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