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Spring Time Candle

Spring Time Candle

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Candle Fragrance


This candle is a special treat for those who want a mood boost while enjoying the spring (without the allergies of course). 

Burn Info and Location Logistics:

  • Every candle burns for 30+ hours.
  • This candle is best suited to burn for less than 10 minutes to allow a pool of wax to form for your use.
  • It is not meant to burn like a "normal" candle in that you only need a small pool to form to pour into your hands.

Volume and Dimensions of Container:

    • Weight: 4 oz | 113 g
    • Container Size: 
  • 3.5" w x 2" h

Directions and Candle Care:

  • Light the wick of the candle and allow it to burn for 1-2 hours at a time, which is enough time to see an even pool of oil melt.
  • Take care of your candle by trimming the wick to 1/4 of an inch before use and be careful to keep wick particles out of your wax.

Safety Notes:

Always exercise caution when using candles. Keep away from drafts, edges (tables, nightstands, etc), children and pets. Be sure to put the candle on a heat resistant surface. Do not touch the flame or hot wax. Allow wax to harden prior to relighting the candle.


Coconut-Soy Wax, 100% Phthalate Free (Toxin Free) Fragrance Oils

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